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Mission Statement: In the Carpenter's Footsteps

Provides services for churches and communities who need construction projects built or repaired. Opportunities are offered for people of all ages to share their faith, offer their services, perform manual labor and create friendships of many people in a global setting.

Costa Rican Mission Trip 2007

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Costa Rica Trip Summer 2007
On Sunday, July 22, twenty-two volunteers with In The Carpenter’s Footsteps began another spiritually rewarding journey to work with our fellow Christian in the impoverished urban area of Fray Casiano. The mission was three-fold: Lead a Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) for the children, set up a sewing center for the local women, and start the construction of a building for Sunday School rooms and a church office. This building was located across the street from the existing church, Casa de Bendición, shepherded by Pastor Carlos Caravaca.

Upon arrival at the church, the concrete footers had been poured and were set. So the arduous task of building the walls began, course by course. Crews worked sifting sand to remove pebbles, mixing mortar and concrete, hauling mortar, concrete and blocks, and setting blocks. Workers consumed great amounts of water to prevent dehydration. Although temperatures were “cooler” than in Tallahassee, the humidity made work quite miserable. Although it rained every day, the rain did not interfere with the concrete work at all. God saw that his work would be completed. Our folks worked side by side with local, skilled masons, and unskilled church members and common people off the street. The number of young ladies and children who assisted by hauling cement blocks and mortar on to the job site was amazing. At the end, Buddy informed us that more work had been completed during the week that had been anticipated.

The primary purpose of the Bible School was to interact with the children, teach them about God and keep them out of the way of the construction. On the first day, there were probably 20 or 30 children of all ages in the church. The Costa Ricans primarily study New Testament lessons about Jesus Christ. This year the lesson came from Genesis 1: 1-27 about God’s creation of the earth and man, and our responsibility as stewards for God’s creation. The children studied God's promises and his covenant with us. One of our youth artists in Tallahassee painted a large poster of God’s rainbow. The rainbow was delivered to the children of Fray Casiano who decorated it. Each child also signed the rainbow. The children also made paper plate rainbows, animal faces from coffee filters with pipe cleaner whiskers, and beautiful "stained glass" using stencils to cut out shapes and fill them with colored cellophane. We took individual pictures of each child, and the children decorated the printed pictures with messages of God’s children being created in love. As the word spread within the community that In The Carpenter's Footsteps Inc., was working at the church, more and more children and residents came by to see and share the excitement and lend a hand with construction. At the end, there were over 150 children who attended VBC.

By Friday afternoon, our last afternoon at the church, it was time to celebrate, and celebrate we did! The children had created a piñata from a paper sack filled it with all kinds of goodies such as candy, small toys and Beanie Babies. There were balloons and streamers. The celebration ended in worship and praise for all that Christ has done for the building of the church. The people of Pastor Carlos' church in Fray Casiano showed us how to worship as they danced, clapped their hands and lifted their voices in jubilant and sincere praise to Christ.

And the rainbow? Well, it returned to Tallahassee and is displayed in the hallway of Christ Presbyterian Church on Bannerman Road. Stop by and see it. For the ladies of the community, sewing machines were also set up inside the church, and the local women busied themselves turning fabric into clothing. Jesus told us to go into Jerusalem, Judea and into the uttermost parts of the world. I challenge you to do Jesus’ work in Tallahassee, the United States, and overseas. Buddy and Patty would not want this article to end without extending an invitation to each reader to join them on a mission work trip and/or to contribute to the work being done by the group.

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